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“THE MOUNTAINS OF MOURNE,” by Séamas Cain, a Selected Poems book in 184 pages, a collection of poems in English written over the course of 60 years, was published on Lá Fhéile Bríde, St. Brigid's Day — Friday, 1 February 2019 — by The Oyster Moon Press at Berkeley, California. Eight photographs by Gloria DeFilipps Brush, marking the different Sections of poems, were included in this book.éamas-cain/the-mountains-of-mourne/paperback/product-23965600.html



Séamas Cain is a member of the WRYTING-L Group, initiated by Alan Sondheim to explore innovation in new media arts and literature, art, music, etc. Much of Cain's artworks have been gathered for archiving by THE AVANT WRITING COLLECTION, founded by John M. Bennett at Ohio State University in Columbus.

Séamas Cain, in the Preface to “THE MOUNTAINS OF MOURNE,” has dedicated the book to the memory of his own great-great-grandfather, Benjamin Cain. Benjamin Cain, in fascination with the Percé Rock at the tip of the Gaspé Peninsula of Québec, or in fascination with the Mountains of Mourne in County Down, Northern Ireland, “created one or another eidolon of permanence in a very impermanent world”!



Gloria DeFilipps Brush is a professor in Art + Design, and head of the Photography Section in that Department, at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

Brush has received artist fellowships or grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, Arts Midwest, the Minnesota State Arts Board, Polaroid Corporation, and the Bush and McKnight Foundations. Her work has been published in “Leonardo,” “Zoom International,” “American Photographer,” “Darkroom Photography,” “Lightworks,” “Angeles,” “Wired,” “Harpers,” and “Viewcamera” magazines.

Brush's photographs have been included in exhibitions at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, MAMU Gallery in Budapest, SIGGRAPH, D-Art at the University of London, the Brasília Art Museum, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the Sol Mednick Gallery at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, the Visual Arts Museum at the School of Visual Arts, New York, the Photographic Resource Center at Boston University, the Print Club in Philadelphia, Clarence Kennedy Gallery in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Silver Image Gallery in Seattle, The Ansel Adams Center in San Francisco, the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans, and the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, among many others.



THE OYSTER MOON PRESS is a Surrealist writers' co-op that publishes books, chapbooks, and soundworks out of Berkeley, California. (The Surrealist Movement did not die with the death of André Breton on Wednesday, 28 September 1966. The Movement is alive and well throughout the world ... see, for example, “Hydrolith 2,” a world surrealist anthology.)

Members of the writers' co-op of THE OYSTER MOON PRESS include Will Alexander, Mariela Arzadun, J. Karl Bogartte, Daniel Boyer, Eric W. Bragg, Séamas Cain, Eugenio Castro, Miguel P. Corrales, Manuel Crespo, Mattias Forshage, Guy Girard, Vicente Gutiérrez, Parry Harnden, Dale Michael Houstman, Bruno Jacobs, Philip Kane, Carlos Lara, Josie Malinowski, Julio Monteverde, Noé Ortega Quijano, “Ribitch” [Samuel Black], José Manuel Rojo, Matthew Rounsville, Shibek, Andrew Torch, Xtian, and Ángel Zapata.



Will Alexander, originally from Minnesota, became a member of the writers' co-op of THE OYSTER MOON PRESS in Los Angeles, California. In 2013, Will Alexander received a National Book Award for his “Singing In Magnetic Hoofbeat.”



“THE MOUNTAINS OF MOURNE” by Séamas Cain may be purchased directly from the inimitable printer for $13.95.éamas-cain/the-mountains-of-mourne/paperback/product-23965600.html




“THE MOUNTAINS OF MOURNE” by Séamas Cain is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Borders (though, formats may differ).

If you would like to make bulk orders of this book, then contact our distributor, SMALL PRESS DISTRIBUTION [SPD], directly. Thank you !