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CLOCKTOWER, a performance-work by Séamas Cain,
was presented on November 5th, 2002 on the steps in
front of the Clocktower on the campus of Colby College
in Waterville, Maine. After the performance, Séamas
Cain spoke to an audience in Special Collections at
the Main Library of Colby College on "DISRUPTION
Higgins and the FLUXUS Movement."

Photograph by Mary Kathleen Cain.


by Séamas Cain

Copyright © 2002, by Séamas Cain

All rights reserved.

The metaphysical ridge barks and barks on the
rosy pinetree cone, which makes an epigram in
the dusk in wheat. The masked monument is still
outraged in firewood of a naked bark, whose theft
slithers like in the mirror the shawl on a puddle
that has not wrecked all juxtaposition. The wise
snowflake extinguishes a cannibal. The wise channel
urges on the condiment that robotizes opera, with its
rosy quail, its glassy metamorphosis, its lawns, its
peat-moss, within which an arithmetical athlete is
turning orchestras in a mortuary of featherdown.
Now the sunbeams of drudgery defecate over the
worm of the satchel in carnage, and are cutting
supper the rose-window projectiles, acrobat,
ammunition, beer! It is jig-saw puzzle when beer
the circumpolar musket with black and brood-hen
spume stretches quartz and counts dishes on the
other side of a sliverfish the rainbow the black
stars. Jack o'lantern and Bern Porter rear up on
mocker and on a big weapon. Poulterer eaten by
kites with reapers of brood-hen urine the dribbles
on red images, jeweller and the slumber of bygone
quicklime, the donkey under a prayerbook, all this
and a range of fire fruited them and turned round
around the overcoat of an architect. All anthems
are wrapped up in tin and a circus of tin.

Compost now is a very white muscle the piglet
marked by pulses of soil, two tiny swarms of
muscles of soil. The dormouse of a vacuum
swings between a bulbous fishwife and a frozen
nook! Clefts and chunks of roads cleave mother
roads, combustion, from which forceps and
subatomic particles immediately torment one
another, and a turquoise registrar.

A compass escapes from bands of molasses which
immediately pivot on a sigh and a violet, until fungus
the stone keep at the bottom of pork pork the oriental
hen's nest mutters the oily prong which is damaging
a frying-pan. The oriental frying-pan reveals a perfume
rumble whose oil and pegs and atoms become a
terrier turned against a conjuror. The primrose
gesticulation is not charming. The torn lioness
closes a protein scrawled with orange pegs and
mainlands of celery, whose hunter carries a bizarre
poultice on the door-step! A reed on the surface of
a hoof turned in blades and renegades the diameter
touches a fungus the pavilion fungus so beautiful
that when a mattress is not rooted the nozzles whiff
on a medicament. Nutshell is so beautiful that what
gangrene is about to know is nothing but nitrogen guitar.

Diamonds pass imperceptibly through the fetters
of the noise of a drake. Sometimes a rower turns
back in the printed igloo and asks about a mole or
a dog-fish. He pretends to shred away the skin of
his forearm, jewels directly in his veins, the brown
letter! Purple carp are real carp in a sheath as a
giggle solidifies.

A creamery rings in a future of badge, while
the morning badge sings of an antique porter,
sandstone, the keg and a hatchet the color of
scowl of chickweed. A dietician fattens a mansion,
and a dog-fish. Sometimes, the cistern ushers all
squeals and green gray notions into a very feminine
ant pulling on chained clues. But most beggarly
of all is the moonlight between the whey and the
shot-gun, and between certain kedge minutes
where minutes whiten. Cusps of blackboards
roaring on a rock sink ravage insulin of white
multiplications so a hawk's talon will noose
itself forever so the anvil of an itch will
radish the end of miser's urine in a huff
of kerosene and gun-fire.

Mendicants grudgingly repair the very
stem of the seawater. Lipstick from
which the gravy slithers up and down
to a scar and a signature so heavy that
the delta of glimmers in its graceless
freckle over saucer intertwined virility
over an orange lake and a mural of total
imperfection! Brooks that are jointed to
everything other than pragmatic troughs
or sand the exceptional lentil of a morgue
exploded by frost of holly, whose violet
spirals call on the ashtrees of bellies
on the motor of calf's ivy full of ice
and protrusions!

The axle of a clam plucked the whorl of barley and
otter. Honeysuckle from which a pink quandary rods
up and down a dome so humid that the fish's gill of
yellow terrain in its graceful iceberg calendar
closeting above the pools of phosphorus is an
imperfect sore the crumbs that are ranched all
about nothing other than a dangerous moor-hen
and cancerous ram made for rubber whose shoal
of fish flutes on the moo of the abyss tickled
from the talker full of flounder or the satin
full of a flue and about which the fish's gill
the only fish's astronomer is the immense
glacial variety of the soprano of rubber on
the pure sash of a quake of what flounder
of what robber the ivy or the calf shall never
ruffle again because of a miraculous ruffian
which is a nestling in the emblem buff of
quicksilver the mallard! In the saddle of
the tongue the iron irons the marvellous
sea or the orange planet while all fabric
becomes a wayfarer on ducks on the
cheek of a sheep-dog malady.

Midnight firework'd towards the seam of a
baker the rabble of tigers or paper such as
cannot be mummified without moths on old
sardines of jute undergoing a purr, or else
vibration or a white swivel fallen from the
gable hook of a boar, or else a radiator of
cockade which in front of us blurred into
a subterranean chin. The great zenith limbed
the vegetation while it pooled in wadding,
like a grilled convoy! The gymnast in dredge
fluffed a marksman. Corpse on a stonecrusher
salved a soot of cuff-links while tonight a
forger wattles and scents the rider of a
lisping ewe. Ditch! ditch something for the
jackass can mathematicize a geographer's
euphony as it inches and inches around an
unapplied bilberry the fresh miner of the
streams on a slayer in which cows dip the
pitch of the nightingale the receptacle of
handfuls of cut-halibut purses in which
inscriptions become a mere disfigurement
of hovel on a robe of bleeding neon!

Mares touch themselves that place a point
of moor of fishspawn on the oyster's adze,
and configuration the halibut provide is
the only exact trinket for a machine-gun
or oiler. Halibut remember forever the
mensuration the intestine covering the
viper on mower of auditor in which sparkles
and explodes forever the yellow and pink
superstition of fodder and copula!

The night-watchman of a balloon of bran
in jewel lurching like a jewel in mildness
sometimes mumbles the mumble of crow's
nest of flint with its screen and its woman the
rot drops imperceptibly among the phlegm, spout,
pyramid. Scruples tiptoe on ocean. Romp and my
romps make for a daub of blaze where the
operating table drowns furze or distillery.
Set it on fire! Yes set it on fire! Set it on
tint so that a landslide may remain of the
font that was wiped from the herring the hush!
The hornsound then gyrates, and gives goldfinch
to a whirlwind of wheelbarrows who spit on the
blanket of riverbasin and regard the corncrake
as dregs of a prune. The hornsound splinters casks,
casks in whose arid torture the downfall of matrons
is finally devoured by a goldfinch. Hornsound,
sounding like a shark, shot an osier whose white
solvency communalized the last volley of lambs
and the quivering of the examiner of lambs the
gutter, the brown and burnt lambs!

An interrupter is looking at earthenware like a
puppet, or like a gull. At the jockey of a leveret
and blue ragwort the groin erupts itself to burns of
hyacinths in turn of burn of embroidery of hyacinths.
A magistrate is crushed by a solemn midget whose
visions of toothache crawl out of a hidingplace
in the magistrate's own body. Jaw-bone probes
the plasticine the mutiny of jumble jumbled on
constable on antiquity and pink epilepsy.
Hemisphere was probed by the patient ovation
of a waterlily as a rainbow finishes a regiment
the regiment enters into a blue web.

Sprig and pad of elm monger a nautical chart!
Rye-bread of electricity intrigues with a blister
on the red-shank bird that was an ember pickled by
a crucible of patient eyebrows beaked by a slipper
the stone saliva when the lark shears the hydrosphere
the chestnut cushions a cushion of sharks and an
invisible breviary. The gooseberry punctures invisible
into adverb on scaffold paying bronchitis to yeast of
tar whose dragging restitutions echo around
several parallelograms.

The pygmy and the purple slipper do not quiver
in clamminess! An ostrich legs and munches the
phantasm of moss on ridges of brandy of syrup
across needles of the lilac the gorge senses a
human biscuit being shredded like blossoms of
a great sun or like a great mayfly.

The biscuit moss is a sight for flannel
lilacs! The semblance of a dawdler munches
a grasshopper under mantles of trumpeter
separation the lathe of a raspberry buoy all
the steel withers in incantation the cant
itself withers there there remains the path
on rash only the flannel of perfumed utensils
and dried grease the scallops under jam jars
the emerald within hemp of brine or anti-brine
of will-'o-the-wisp. Opticians touch the mist
of a loganberry while the luggage greenly spits
upon a sandal. The keeler of hatchery the brewer
is expecting is travelling over mobs of dolphins
and whitingfish in a contour exploded by plough
and calico the pod is obliterated by tartar of
outlook within ballast!

Muddle can hardly be made out of bier or
sonnet markings under clover, or under a
broken hoe. Carpentry ponders an evergreen,
and evergreen wickedness when the outline of
robins of mulberry will be reduced and evergreen
itself reaches the dry robin which will be cold by
magnifying-glass and thews. Insects trawl the
blindman's buff of syringe under ice-field while
the flotsam rakes gatherer on computer by berry
like the windscreen of conversation, wreckage,
stroke of an oar! Rags of a globe trundle the
coroner with raisins the jungle will pelt nothing
but meal. Jungle slings meal beyond the pink
meal.Jungle will open it the ice-field the berry.

Squirrel heaves a horsefly into the anus of a
ferryman the carburettor of oblong pus and the
rosy oblong. The wand will pitch a shelter of film
out of a hazel or colliery! Creal will inevitably
rebound a bucket under sketch of ebbtide of jade
because the whelk of mistletoe cannot retrograde
an inkbottle. Quantum of highland will put out to
sea. Valley over a jackdaw forges ahead to outstrip
glow-worm or osmosis the orb fever edges and dodges
a snag of dummy of consonant while wire-netting heels
a hermit of shivers on bower on claret the titters of
hose curving a corn rick. The coil of a narcotic will
draggle the burning yowl when terraces lug an arc
of oppressor the pull pulling a gunner who is under
tile, under a monkey, under the asbestos of wharf!

The beam the obstacle is expecting tilted
cider against a tanner the islander hurls
beetroot and cavalcade at an outlaw of rose-bed
and shudder the starvation is not the color of
faded beetroot but in the lantern the idler jerks
against retrogression of triangles on a whortleberry
the pallet flings sentences of rigging of shutter
down onto the green sheets.

The embryo shall recover all of a whisk that
recoils outside a thong of nucleon the rambler
reverted to chatter of spruce, those looms that
cradle a whistle when it dogs a spruce, those
packs whose puzzle formed or reverted to a
razor the packboys metamorphose, those acorns
the packboys thought had digressed to injection
on merriment off pepper. How wide it is this pepper!
A victim yaws down over tumble on nipple or maybe
a bridle-bit the gore wheels itself in sundown out
sundown. Aspiration in a thistle mouth turns a
nightfall over nightfall the roaring! Fluorescence
within a rudder bends all the logs and orange logs
the fluorescence curves a hostage and a purgative.
Hope you will not get lost! The beehive magnetizes
yesterday while the furrow of a magician allures a

Spinach of repletion is drawn over a twitch of
sandbank the eyes and the curtains until a sledge
debarks its own punctuality. Huckleberry and spark
ramify a cavity under shallows on noon of soundwave
of cheese the liar spread all over an ox. It's no use
whatever! Smile and vine sever each other and
overtake a toast of nylon of zephyr.

Pedestal and cockle smear themselves and return
to a smattering the hearthstone. The yawn charms
a savage the stuffing of a drone when the warden
dispels the purple spectacle until shirker and
vacillation scatter. Tether is no use whatever
behind a breathless propeller! Their wrath reaches
a shirt of woodbine of cliff to thrush to a thrush.
Slime no longer resembled a hound! Mythological
suds rejoined a mythological perforator in a
warehouse the woodbine stretches the cursed suds.
Smear lures a corset to gorse to a burst of rood
in rain bursting to your fingertips.

Sorrow and juice shall sunder the weather of
a hammer the suds, and the bursting, gorse,
woodbine. The mettle on titlark absorbs the
plaster a smotherer swallows to ostracize the
realm of sandpiper! A watchman inhales the
mooring bread of a sea-turtle the maggots
try to reach in their sleep the morsel and
irritation oust and tap tap a bellows of vermin
of harvester! Machinery spills itself in thurible
the strangers exhale in a slash of roof-garden an
imp purges wildfire in prisms the version gulps a
snake of mustiness. Complection of meadow crunches
against the unction of mooring interchange of nipples'
interchange. Nipples all come back to a prism,
it freezes them! As adornment nibbles a stripe
in the traces to a mash the prism is rowing
a smack as a water-cress reels off the joiner
and the roaming mumbles against a tree.

Palisade is bleeding in the lovely pads in claret
which raised a drone in a pond in oil-stove gowns.
Peacock of stanza of raisin returns the sinew to
warp of intruder gland where vellum on landscape
imbued by moral flotsam ingrafted and rammed an
oarsman and a robber. Knell is immersed in cake and
insect! The stone poultry once more sweat silverweed
for all gunpowder! Tuft of pendulum of width imbibes
a scroll imbibing a preacher when mocker implants an
orange abscess on the incline of scroll. Flower-bed mist
turns adrift the curb of notch as taunt of fumes discards
the silver of fumes.

Music of thews evacuated a balcony of weapon
on opium the fractions of the globe squirt ditch
against the hose of a marsh-hen, moan, cupboard!
Virtue it is said of chews of busybody killers in
spittle of seawrack where vesture of mincer when a
surveyor doesn't go on blow on forearm for lioness
of outline on causeway is always in a hurry to drain
and disgorge a burglar in order to go and gormandize
in asbestos of crockery on moor! A voice buds a purse
of ache of sliverfish. An inlet gnaws tonight by calipers
and string secreted as pink messenger of plough the
plough and shackles infuse a cartridge above green
cartridge while the fringe obtrudes the elder tree.

An excellent lunch-basket drifted to a stoop to
read the wrinkles on a penny a penny walnut the
hydrogen withdraws from the tread and treads of
moss the white tread. Radiator of loganberry has
read Billy Butler Yeats in the belly of an ox the
draw is trapped where mower and biscuit trap and
charm the beak of constellation! Femur dispels a
substance of spire under lamp-shade the blue
wagon has understood the osier since a white
throne includes eight mutineers of strange
bowels on pantry. Oratory percolates and
distills beyond a river of poison of kedge.

Pavement seeps and spouts to shrink an excellent
squall of schoolbook the wrap shrinks around a
mandolin the sauce on viper burning the three-ply
wool! Rock-fish finally has understood pink bread
since a lifeboat magnetizes every bridle-bit where
a certain scapula allures mysteriously. The gun-fire
fishes for perch amongst the gray nouns saddled on
a mill-pond! Then arthritis oozes out of the stature of
a snort into a mathematician who is not one of those
who slip oxide into wadding to thicken or strain
a throng of glow-worms with a laugh down an
athlete's stocking. But one glow-worm and a
quern leak into a cyclist with computer catgut
the emerald sewn into the hem of a bucket of
oblivion. A poulterer tendency assures a shower
of lisps of gore on the intriguer to rigidity to wax-taper
for a puppet's vehicle! Peat-bog and mullet fondle a
serpent forger who envelops a doe with turf rick
and oil-cloth.

Allegretto ma non troppo!
Decrescendo e crescendo
con voce cupa! Slentando!

Prospector spume fell on a maggot as plaster
from a heron and a dismembered heron plastered
a cow whose volume is blue and whose texture is
white. Margarine is a happy perfume all round the
molasses the molasses of perfume the ogre places
maize in balloons of a gorge. A corpse and a
proto-corpse remember a perfume, and perfume
of molasses. The green checker coughs and coughs
on the purple slime, which makes a watcher in the
pitchfork within a vandal.

The mask of euphony is still delighted in swig
of a naked cooing, whose granite slithers like
in the black pitch the magnifier on an oil-hole
that has not yet created its own monsoon. The
silly stupid acclamation sets fire to parts of a
porcupine! The stupid silly sewerage depresses
on the mountain-ash that humanizes a smotherer,
with its blue whine, its latch of venison, its bracken
swab, its orifice of fat midget, within which a
painter's skin pore is twisting a cormorant in
the robes of a lark or the robes of a manacle!
Now the myrtle of a sneeze defecates over a blue
woman of lens in target, and is pillowing the pus
the vacuum of carp as mercury is running down an
elm. It is a scarf of millstone when the pre-antarctic
larch with tan orations and radius of musket
stretches the red-shank bird and beheads a
sparrow on the other side of virility the
drapery shop the yellow steel.

Pouch of verdure rears up on midnight, and on
a midnight blemish, also on a swollen ankle.
Nitrogen eaten by rushes reaps a lichen and
three huckleberry razors. An assessor eaten
by whitewash with shark of every verge and
urine the falcon on purple solvency, the teal
under the saltwater, all this and an apex of
saucer repaired forceps and wrapped a girl
over peat-moss and coral or over the machine
of rheumatism! All dizziness is digested by
a will-o'-the-wisp and a scaffold of theft of
will-o'-the-wisp. Fly-paper now is a very spatter
of mumbles marked by the squeal of a dietician or
a convict! A magician swings between a gulch and
a parapet of huffs of poplartree!

Partridge and window of fever unify sod and
a tube, sandpiper, from which a tassel and
subatomic handcuffs immediately please one
another, and an orange antiquary, and a pink
merriment! A conjuror escapes from a chemist
of landslide of maple which immediately pivots
on a notion and a clasp, until the ballast at
the bottom of waverer the frying-pan skylark
mutters the oily trinket which is damaging a
jowl of strychnine. The oriental roaring reveals
a knuckle rumble whose pygmy and influenza
become a raven turned against a diagonal
prairie or the end of prairie scent.

The lard wail of eyelash is not a sphere.
The torn shingle closes a tornado scrawled
with seasurges and carpentry of palm-oil,
whose poacher carries a bizarre observatory
on camphor of periscope! Bronchitis on a
shot-gun cistern of a lash of wheat turned
in frown and soap-bubble the shirt touches
a tincture the symmetry on morgue so
beautiful that when kidney bran is not
attached to nickel-plate a murder whiffs
on plywood and on the metal of seawater.

The whetstone is so that what supplement is
about to know is nothing but epilepsy of slipper.
Orthography passes imperceptibly through a thurible
of mutter of a lingerer. Sometimes a madhouse turns
back in the manuscript injection and asks about a
realm or a petrelbird. The petrelbird pretends to
shred away the fungus of seed of hedgehog,
juxtaposition directly in his whirlpool, the
streamers of merchant! A purple slayer is a real
slayer in a conjunction as a twitter of mushroom
solidifies. A dilemma rings in a purr of crickets,
while the halter of dusk sings of an antique
evergreen, jeweller, the renegade and a terminus
the dove of wireworm of friction.

A thick leg and a lean thigh fatten a couch,
and a sledge. Sometimes, the rubber ushers all
pillagers and examiners into the stomach of a very
masculine optician pulling on missiles of a chained
iris. But most of loam of all is the blackberry
between the nucleon and the rivulet, and a certain
tension of lizard, where a rabbit-warren whitens!
Ewe under a tortoise roaring on a gray scowl ravages
the shouts of gravy so jute will booty itself forever so
the honeycomb under a grocer's penis will badge the
blackthorn in nylon in a victim of blister and syrup.

Pestles grudgingly repair the very vein
of sensuality. Snarl from which the milligram
quicksand slithers up and down to a drake and
a scratch so heavy that the herbage pool on a
drawing-pin intertwined sandbank over rumble or
vogue on punctuality or station under phosphate
the dualistic universe! Nuns are jointed to a siphon
and glucose and nothing other than pragmatic
mettle or kelp the exceptional interlude of green
gallon exploded by membrane and plumage of
beehive! Fuchsia spills itself in a signature the
orange dyeing exhales in a trowel of gadget swine
while a cowhide purges blue volley in blackbirds the
paraffin gulps a chimney on hooter.

Beer of aviation crunches against the
gatherer of flint or speck interchange
with pliers' interchange. Toast toast
and more toast all come back to a canvas,
it freezes them! Charcoal tatters a tattler
as a shin nibbles vitriol in an executioner.
Five hatmakers watch as a dressmaker traces
herself in chromium but the chromium is rowing
a creamery and a bruise reels off the ladle and a
hawk mumbles against a crane! Tracemaker traces
herself. Velvet is bleeding in the lovely embryo in
a scourge which raised a rasp in sunset in
oil-stove beetles. Sorrel of whorl of pivot
returns the octagon to the galloping of pink
puddle where a plane on a sheaf of corn imbued
by moral rill and trample ingrafted and rammed
an arbiter and a navigator. Receptacle is immersed
in struggle and in a puzzle. The wrangle and the
stone wrangle once more sweat whin for a kerchief!
Ivy of clamp of mattress imbibes all artillery
imbibing an operating table when sponge implants
an orange chestnut on the roof-garden of bursar!

Cove turns adrift the winter of grease as
sward of quicksilver discards the thatch
of quicksilver. Dry-rot of jungle evacuated
a rose-bed of luster fishing for plaice on a
shawl the canal of a boar squirts elegies
against the jackass of wheeze and a gunner's
stupor. Rainbow it is said of thyme of leather
huts in shears of a rat where booty of embers
scrap scrap a camel and the scraps of a golden
buoy the scraps of a golden buoy.

A sardine buds a statue of plumtree of wink.
A restitution gnaws tide-mark by filament and
blemish secreted as pink shore of dice the rib
and meteor infuse a joker above green lantern
while the gruel obtrudes the sheen of a tavern!
An excellent dune dissolved to a wickerwork to
read the microscopic motion on a weather-vane
a weather-vane mask the yowl withdraws from
the cockade and paddle of ram as a gosling
muscled out over a crag and an awl. Freckle
dispels a tendon of barley under skin as the
silver mermaid over ocean has understood tillage
since the hearthstone includes vines of a strange
fawn on dregs. Jig-saw puzzle percolates and
distills beyond a muscle of bracelets of a lamb!
Three fish are shocked as a mermaid seeps and
spouts to shrink an excellent erosion of surgeons
a limb shrinks around a songster bird the complection
of thunderbolt on chop muffling the warble. Mermaid
seeps and spouts. Quarrel finally has returned to
lime since a sculptor magnetizes every iron bit of
rye-bread for the mermaid.


by Séamas Cain

Copyright © 2002 by Séamas Cain

All rights reserved.